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Are you affordable locksmith in Gold Coast?

This is a good question but before that, we need to understand what is the average cost for different locksmith services: Rates are based on the kind of work necessary. So A standard service call is priced at approximately $60. But You can expect to pay $60 for a house lockout. Therefore Lock rekeying prices start at $55. So $60 is the cost of a lock change. Installation of a new lock will set you back $65. Safe lockout rates begin at $55.

What are your Affordable Locksmith rates in Gold Coast?

Our rates are simple and affordable to everyone Locksclick provides all sorts of residential locksmith services.

A standard service call is priced at approximately $29.

You can expect to pay $45 for a house lockout.

Lock rekeying prices start at $35. $45 is the cost of a lock change. Installation of a new lock will set you back $35. Safe lockout rates begin at $45. Check out the prices page on our website for more details about our services and rates.

So The answer is yes We are Affordable!


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What Affordable Locksmith services are you offering?

At Locksclick we are offering a wide range of locksmith services you can choose from.
Most common services our client choose:
  • commercial lockout
  • residential lockout
  • Car lockout
  • lock repair
  • re-keying
  • Fresh installation
  • knob locks
  • gate lock
  • sliding door lock
  • safe lockout

Top 5 Reasons why you should choose Locksclick

• You can reach us 24/7: regardless of where you are, when a disaster strikes, and you find yourself in a crisis or emergency situation. So you can depend on our Gold Coast-based locksmiths to come to the rescue within a half-hour, GUARANTEED.

  • We have established relationships with lock and key companies.
  • We also happen to be specialists when it comes to a security system and lock installation for both commercial and residential needs.
  • Competitive pricing or people says the best prices in Gold Coast: whether you’re in need of 24/7 emergency help or you need somebody to install a security system, you will find that the rates we charge are more than reasonable.
  • A revolutionary technology: the mobile locksmith that comes to your site will be equipped with cutting-edge keying equipment, expediting a resolution of the unfortunate situation you are in.

In this case, check what our customers say.

Want to get affordable locksmith in the Gold Coast?

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Auto Lockout

Service Call 29$
starting at 45$
  • Car Lockout
  • Car Key Extraction


Service Call 29$
starting at 35$
  • House Lockout
  • Rekey
  • Lock Change
  • Safe Lockout


Service Call 29$
starting at 45$
  • Business Lockout
  • Rekey
  • Lock Change
  • Safe Lockout

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We work only with the most high-quality tools and locks in the market!


We working around the clock to make sure you are safe.


In return for your trust, we will work transparency so you can be part of the decisions made.


Our locksmiths are licensed and are at the top of the classes.
We work with the best!

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About the Affordable Locksmith services we provide in Gold Coast

Commercial Locksmith

Running a company is difficult enough – the last thing you want to concern yourself with is building security. Allow Locksclick to safeguard your company building or storefront. We put together optimal security plans that accommodate our clients’ needs. Our company will make sure all bases are covered, whether that entails updating high-end systems for master keys or installing simple door locks. If keys are something you’re trying to phase out, check out our selection of biometric access and keyless control systems.

Residential Locksmith

Your house might be your most valuable asset, so it stands to reason that it should always be safeguarded. By making sure the security measures in your home are updated and effective, you’ll be keeping your belongings and loved ones secure. Locksclick has extensive experience securing residences. We install high quality and reliable locks produced by trustworthy brands. Get in touch with us right away if you can’t get into your house or find your keys!

Car Locksmith

Did you lock your keys in your automobile? Allow us to help you out! Locksclick is on-call 24/7, no matter what your automobile locksmith emergency is. We handle requests of all sizes. Locksclick is a team of expert locksmiths that are extensively trained to use cutting-edge equipment. They use effective locksmith tactics to free people from all sorts of unexpected circumstances. If you can’t find the keys to your vehicle, or can’t get in it, give us a call!

Our clients say

Hannah Chase

"The service was amazing Thanks Joe 🙌 for being patient with me."

Mark Stratton

"I did a lot of research and came across this company, they helped me a lot and gave me tips for maintaining the door lock, I will use them again in the future"

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